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Hi there and welcome to the cannonbeachlive.com website. This site is currently a ‘work-in-progress’. If you find anything missing in the tide tables or the events – that you’d like to see – then please contact us. If you’re looking for live weather conditions and tides at Haystack Rock and Cannon Beach then you’ll want to visit this Cannon Beach live webcam Thank you for visiting.

Cannon Beach, Oregon. Named in June 2013 as “One of the World’s 100 Most Beautiful Places.” by National Geographic. [and, they’ve seen some beautiful places]!

The City of Cannon Beach is located on the Pacific Northwest Coast of Oregon, 80 miles west of Portland and 25 miles south of Astoria. Cannon Beach is surrounded by the natural beauty of forests, ocean beaches, rivers, and the Oregon Coast Mountain range. Four miles in length, and with a population of 1,705, Cannon Beach is a popular and picturesque resort area, playing host to more than half-a-million visitors annually.

Cannon Beach has been occupied first by indigenous native cultures, and then, since the late 1800s, by not so indigenous cultures. In 1806, Captain William Clark, of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, traveled south to this area in order to secure needed blubber from a whale beached near the mouth of Ecola Creek. A map of the City of Cannon Beach, prepared by the State of Oregon and the Federal Highway Administration, is available for download here.

Haystack Rock Awareness

Intertidal areas are fragile ecosystems. Activities such as trampling, turning over rocks, and removing animals from their habitat can greatly damage the tidepool life. Yet we can all enjoy tidepool areas and ensure their survival for future generations by following a few simple rules:

  • Tread lightly – Always stay on sand or small bare rock. Watch where you are stepping while exploring the intertidal areas to avoid stepping on vulnerable animals like anemones and barnacles.
  • Explore Gently – Enjoy watching wildlife in its natural state and leave the environment undisturbed. Use your eyes more than your hands. Do not poke, pry, or take animals or plants off rocks. Take only memories and leave only footprints.


All beaches in Cannon Beach [and Seaside] are designated public recreation areas, and are jointly managed by both State and local municipalities. These beautiful beaches are free for everyone to enjoy and use, visitors and residents alike. This also means that we/you have a responsibility to protect and care for our beaches.


Cannon Beach offers inspiring beauty, gorgeous views, friendly natives and active adventures such as hiking, surfing, riding horseback on the beach, paragliding and zip lines. Other favorite activities include whale watching, exploring tide pools at Haystack Rock, and Tillamook Head Lighthouse.

Beach Safety Rules

Beach water accidents and fatalities happen quickly. The #1 reason for accidents is lack of safety knowledge. To keep yourself and others safe at the Beach we’d urge you to be familiar with and pass on these safety tips:

Learn to swim

Remember, the ocean is not a swimming pool! Swim parallel to the shore if you are going to swim long distances.

Supervise Kids

Supervise little ones very closely. Keep them away from the surf [unless with an adult] and watch for sneaker waves.

Rip currents

If caught in a rip current swim sideways until free. Don’t swim against the pull of the current.

State Warnings

Follow State Parks rules and regs. Don’t swim & alcohol. If you are in trouble call or wave for help.

Video of Cannon Beach in Oregon

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